IMF Books, Series, and Other Products

IMF PublicationsWorld Economic and Financial Surveys: Periodic studies covering monetary and financial issues of importance to the world economy, consisting of the following series: World Economic Outlook, five Regional Economic Outlook reports, Global Financial Stability Report, and Fiscal Monitor.

Books: IMF economists tackle the full range of global macroeconomic issues in these in-depth studies, including topics such as cross-country comparisons, capacity building, financial integration, and globalization.

Statistical Data: The IMF’s range of time series data on lending, exchange rates, trade, and other economic and financial indicators. Includes manuals, guides, and other material on the statistical practices at the IMF, in member countries, and of the statistical community at large. (For more on specific data sets visit IMF Data.)

Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions: Published since 1950, this authoritative, annually updated reference is based upon a unique IMF-maintained database that provides reporting for the foreign exchange arrangements, exchange and trade restrictions, and prudential measures of the member countries of the IMF.

Reports and Papers

Country Reports: Reports on the economic and financial developments and trends in member countries that are prepared by an IMF staff team after discussions with government officials. Country Reports are published at the option of the member country.

Manuals and Guides: Practical “how-to” information for economists, covering tax policy, balance of payments statistics, external debt statistics, foreign exchange reserve management, financial-sector assessment, and other topics.

Occasional Papers: IMF studies with an emphasis on topical issues.

Staff Position Notes: These papers showcase new policy-related analysis and research by IMF departments. They are generally brief and written in nontechnical language, and are aimed at a broad audience interested in economic policy issues.

Working Papers: Staff research on theoretical and analytical topics targeted to a wide audience. About 250 Working Papers are released each year.


Finance & Development Magazine: A quarterly magazine for lay readers, publishing analysis of issues related to the international financial system, monetary policy, economic development, poverty reduction, and other world economic issues.

IMF Economic Review: IMF Economic Review is the official research journal of the IMF. 

IMF Research Bulletin: An online quarterly bulletin that summarizes key IMF research and lists activities such as IMF conferences and seminars.

IMF Survey Magazine: News, views, and analysis on economic and financial debates inside and outside the Fund.

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