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Corporate Income Taxes under Pressure : Why Reform Is Needed and How It Could Be Designed

Author/Editor: Ruud A de Mooij, Alexander D Klemm, Victoria J Perry.

Release Date:February, 2021

The book describes the difficulties of the current international corporate income tax system. It starts by describing its origins and how changes, such as the development of multinational enterprises more...

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Well Spent : How Strong Infrastructure Governance Can End Waste in Public Investment

Release Date:September, 2020

Drawing on the Fund’s analytical and capacity development work, including Public Investment Management Assessments (PIMAs) carried out in more than 60 countries, the new book Well Spent: How Strong more...

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Stress Testing : Principles, Concepts, and Frameworks

Author/Editor: Li Lian Ong, Andreas A Jobst.

Release Date:September, 2020

The objective of this book is to present IMF staff’s further analyses and applications of these tools. Stress test exercises must be undertaken within a coherent and comprehensive framework; they more...

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Law & Financial Stability

Release Date:January, 2020

This volume comprises a selection of papers prepared in connection with a high-level seminar on Law and Financial Stability held at the IMF in 2016. It examines, from a legal perspective, the more...

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Debt and Entanglements Between the Wars

Author/Editor: Thomas J Sargent, George Hall, Martin Ellison, Andrew Scott, Harold James, Era Dabla-Norris, Mark De Broeck, Nicolas End, Marina Marinkov, Vitor Gaspar.

Release Date:November, 2019

World War I created a set of forces that affected the political arrangements and economies of all the countries involved. This period in global economic history between World War I and II offers rich more...

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Paving the Way to Sustained Growth and Prosperity in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic

Author/Editor: Kimberly Beaton, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Lorenzo U Figliuoli.

Release Date:September, 2019

Abstract: Accelerating economic growth in Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (CAPDR) remains an elusive task. While the region performed relatively well in the post-global financial more...

Price: $25.00
Brazil : Boom, Bust, and the Road to Recovery

Author/Editor: Antonio Spilimbergo, Krishna Srinivasan.

Release Date:March, 2019

Brazil is at crossroads, emerging slowly from a historic recession that was preceded by a huge economic boom. Reasons for the historic bust following a boom are manifold. Policy mistakes were an more...

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The Future of China's Bond Market

Release Date:March, 2019

China's bond market is destined to play an increasingly important role, both at home and abroad. And the inclusion of the country's bonds in global indexes will be a milestone for its financial more...

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Foreign Exchange Intervention in Inflation Targeters in Latin America

Author/Editor: Marcos d Chamon, David J Hofman, Nicolas E Magud, Alejandro M Werner.

Release Date:February, 2019

Foreign exchange intervention is widely used as a policy tool, particularly in emerging markets, but many facets of this tool remain limited, especially in the context of flexible exchange rate more...

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The ASEAN Way : Sustaining Growth and Stability

Author/Editor: Ana Corbacho, Shanaka J Peiris.

Release Date:October, 2018

The first part of the book examines the evolution of monetary policy and prudential frameworks of the ASEAN­5, with particular focus on changes since the Asian financial crisis and the more recent more...

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