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A Central Bank's Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards

Author/Editor: Rudy Wytenburg, Robin V Darbyshire, Anjeza Beja.

Release Date:April, 2021

About one-quarter of the world’s central banks apply IFRS with approximately a quarter more looking to IFRS for further guidance where their local standards do not provide enough guidance. Given more...

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Financial Soundness Indicators Compilation Guide 2019

Release Date:December, 2019

The 2019 Financial Soundness Indicators Compilation Guide (2019 Guide) includes new indicators to expand the coverage of the financial sector, including other financial intermediaries, money market more...

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Quarterly National Accounts Manual (2017 Edition)

Release Date:November, 2018

The Quarterly National Accounts Manual (the Manual) provides conceptual and practical guidance for compiling quarterly national accounts (QNA) statistics. The Manual offers a comprehensive review of more...

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Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide (Third Edition)

Author/Editor: Venkat Josyula.

Release Date:September, 2018

This third edition of the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide has been prepared to assist economies that participate or are preparing to participate in the Coordinated Portfolio Investment more...

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Fiscal Transparency Handbook (2018)

Release Date:April, 2018

The IMF’s Fiscal Transparency Code is the international standard for disclosure of information about public finances and is the centerpiece of the global architecture on fiscal transparency. The more...

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Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and Compilation Guide

Author/Editor: Jose M Cartas, Artak Harutyunyan.

Release Date:November, 2017

This edition of Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and Compilation Guide (Manual) updates and merges into one volume methodological and practical aspects of the compilation process of monetary more...

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Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014

Author/Editor: Sage De Clerck, Tobias Wickens.

Release Date:March, 2015

The 2007–09 international financial crisis underscored the importance of reliable and timely statistics on the general government and public sectors. Government finance statistics are a basis for more...

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Balance of Payments Manual, Sixth Edition Compilation Guide

Author/Editor: Eduardo Valdivia-Velarde, Tamara Razin.

Release Date:December, 2014

The Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual 6: Compilation Guide is a companion document to the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position more...

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The General Data Dissemination System : Guide for Participants and Users

Release Date:December, 2013

This guide explains the nature and objectives of the General Data Dissemination System (GDDS), describes its operation, and provides practical guidance to IMF member countries on participation in the more...

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International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity : Guidelines for a Data Template

Release Date:October, 2013

This update of the guidelines published in 2001 sets forth the underlying framework for the Reserves Data Template and provides operational advice for its use. The updated version also includes three more...

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