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The Economic Impact of IMF-Supported Programs in Low-Income Countries

Author/Editor: Yasemin Bal Gunduz, Christian H Ebeke, Burcu Hacibedel, Linda Kaltani, Vera V Kehayova, Chris Lane, Christian Mumssen, Nkunde Mwase, Joseph Thornton.

Release Date:October, 2013

This paper aims to assess the economic impact of the IMF’s support through its facilities for low-income countries. It relies on two complementary econometric analyses: the first investigates the more...

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Central America : Global Integration and Regional Cooperation

Author/Editor: Markus Rodlauer, Alfred Schipke.

Release Date:July, 2005

Central America has received growing attention as a region that is integrating successfully into the global economy. This paper examines—among other things—the macroeconomic and fiscal more...

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IMF-Supported Programs in Capital Account Crises : Design and Experience

Author/Editor: Ales Bulir, Marianne Schulze-Gattas, Atish R Ghosh, Alex Mourmouras, A J Hamann, Timothy D Lane.

Release Date:February, 2002

This paper reviews the design of and experience with IMF-supported programs formulated in response to capital account crises in the 1990s, focusing on the experiences of eight countries: Turkey more...

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Exit Strategies : Policy Options for Countries Seeking Exchange Rate Flexibility

Author/Editor: Barry J Eichengreen, Inci Ötker, A J Hamann, Esteban Jadresic, R B Johnston, Hugh BredenkMr Paul R Masson.

Release Date:August, 1998

In a world of increasing capital mobility and broadening and more diversified trade, many (but not all) developing and transition economies are likely to find it desirable to move from relatively more...

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Aftermath of the CFA Franc Devaluation

Author/Editor: Stphane Coss, Johannes Mueller, Jean Le Dem, Jean A P Clment.

Release Date:June, 1996

Developments in the countries of the CFA franc zone in the aftermath of the January 1994 devaluation of the CFA franc are reviewed in this paper. Following a summary of the new adjusment strategy, more...

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Economic Adjustment in Low-Income Countries : Experience Under the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility

Author/Editor: F Rozwadowski, Siddharth Tiwari, David Robinson, Susan M Schadler.

Release Date:June, 1993

This paper evaluates progress made under ESAF-supported programs in attaining external viability, restoring economic growth, and implementing structural reforms. Performance is evaluated for 19 more...

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International Capital Markets : Recent Developments and Short-Term Prospects

Author/Editor: R C Williams.

Release Date:September, 1980

This publication begins a new series, Occassional papers, designed to fill a gap in the range of publications of the IMF. Occasional Papers will not be on a particular theme but will contain studies more...

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