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When and How to Adjust Beyond the Business Cycle? A Guide to Structural Fiscal Balances

Author/Editor: Fabian Bornhorst, Annalisa Fedelino, Jan Gottschalk, Gabriela Dobrescu.

Release Date:April, 2011

Technical Notes and Manuals are produced by IMF departments to expand the dissemination of their technical assistance advice. These papers present general advice and guidance, drawn in part from more...

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Making Fiscal Decentralization Work

Author/Editor: Annalisa Fedelino.

Release Date:October, 2010

The question of what makes fiscal decentralization work is faced by many policymakers around the world. This book draws on both the relevant literature and policy and technical advice provided by the more...

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Automatic Stabilizers and the Size of Government: Correcting a Common Misunderstanding

Author/Editor: Carlo Cottarelli, Annalisa Fedelino.

Release Date:July, 2010

The size of government is a commonly used variable in many analytical studies on the effects of fiscal policy. An accepted practice is to measure it as the ratio of government spending to GDP. more...

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Computing Cyclically-Adjusted Balances and Automatic Stabilizers

Author/Editor: Annalisa Fedelino, Mark A. Horton, Anna Ivanova.

Release Date:December, 2009

This technical note focuses on computing cyclically adjusted balances and automatic stabilizers. The note provides guidance on how to decompose overall fiscal balances into cyclical and cyclically more...

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Fiscal Incentive Effects of the German Equalization System

Author/Editor: Sven Jari Stehn, Annalisa Fedelino.

Release Date:June, 2009

Does reliance on transfers weaken fiscal discipline and encourage pro-cyclical fiscal policies in recipient subnational governments? Using fiscal reaction functions for a panel of the German more...

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Reflections on Quantitative Fiscal Conditionality in African PRGF-Supported Programs

Author/Editor: Daria Zakharova, Annalisa Fedelino.

Release Date:May, 2006

We survey quantitative fiscal conditionality in selected sub-Saharan African PRGFsupported programs, and assess the conditionality against some possible benchmarks and best practices. While noting more...

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Aid Scaling Up : Do Wage Bill Ceilings Stand in the Way?

Author/Editor: Annalisa Fedelino, Gerd Schwartz, Marijn Verhoeven.

Release Date:April, 2006

This paper assesses whether the scaling up of aid and the resulting increase in government spending that is needed to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) would be hampered by wage bill more...

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Fiscal Sustainability in African HIPC Countries : A Policy Dilemma?

Author/Editor: Annalisa Fedelino, Alina Kudina.

Release Date:September, 2003

This paper looks at the link between fiscal policy and debt sustainability in a number of African countries participating in the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative. The paper finds more...

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Fiscal Policy Formulation and Implementation in Oil-Producing Countries

Author/Editor: Jeffrey M. Davis, Annalisa Fedelino, Rolando Ossowski.

Release Date:August, 2003

Countries with large oil resources can benefit substantially from them. However, despite their huge natural resources, many oil producers have had disappointing growth, widespread poverty, and more...

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