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Private Information, Capital Flows, and Exchange Rates

Author/Editor: Jacob Gyntelberg, Mico Loretan, Subhanij Tientip.

Release Date: August, 2012

Price: $18.00

We demonstrate empirically that not all capital flows influence exchange rates equally: Capital flows induced by foreign investors’ stock market transactions have both an economically more...

Indonesia: CPSS-IOSCO Recommendations for Securities Settlement Systems - The Equity and Corporate Bonds Securities Settlement Systems

Release Date: July, 2012

Price: $18.00

What’s in It for Me? A Primer on Differences between Islamic and Conventional Finance in Malaysia

Author/Editor: Olga Krasicka, Sylwia Nowak.

Release Date: June, 2012

Price: $18.00

What attracts conventional investors to Islamic financial instruments? We answer this question by comparing Malaysian Islamic and conventional security prices and their response to macrofinancial more...

Assessing the Risks to the Japanese Government Bond (JGB) Market

Author/Editor: Waikei W. Lam, Kiichi Tokuoka.

Release Date: December, 2011

Price: $18.00

Despite the rise in public debt, Japanese Government Bond (JGB) yields have remained low and stable, supported by steady inflows from the household and corporate sectors, high domestic ownership of more...

Japan - Selected Issues

Release Date: July, 2011

Price: $18.00

What Drives China's Interbank Market?

Author/Editor: Nathan Porter, TengTeng Xu.

Release Date: September, 2009

Price: $18.00

Interest rates in China comprise a mix of both market determined interest rates (interbank rates and bond yields), and regulated interest rates (lending and deposit rates), reflecting China's gradual more...