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Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic: Trade Integration and Economic Performance

Author/Editor: Stephanie Medina Cas, Andrew Swiston, Luis-Diego Barrot.

Release Date: September, 2012

Price: $18.00

This paper studies the potential for the export sector to play a more important role in promoting growth in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic (CAPDR) through deeper intra-regional more...

Honduras: First Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement and Under the Standby Credit Facility-Staff Report; Staff Statement; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for Honduras.

Release Date: May, 2011

Price: $18.00

Honduras : Debt Sustainability Analysis 2006

Release Date: December, 2006

Price: $18.00

In the IMF staff’s view, Honduras’s debt is subject to a moderate risk of distress. The framework follows a methodology for assessing the risk of debt distress in low-income countries more...

Honduras: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report

Release Date: February, 2004

Price: $15.00

Financial Integration in Central America : Prospects and Adjustment Needs

Author/Editor: Jorge Iván Canales Kriljenko, Padamja Khandelwal, Alexander Lehmann.

Release Date: October, 2003

Price: $15.00

We assess the current barriers to trade in financial services in the six Central American countries seeking a free trade agreement with the United States (the CAFTA) and examine the relative merits more...