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Republic of Lithuania : Staff Report for the 2007 Article IV Consultation

Release Date: April, 2007

Price: $18.00

The 2007 Article IV Consultation discusses the Republic of Lithuania's economic developments and policy challenges. Lithuania has done well in the past years to improve its investment climate and more...

Russian Federation : Staff Report for the 2006 Article IV Consultation

Release Date: December, 2006

Price: $18.00

Propelled by large terms-of-trade gains, GDP growth has accelerated and is running close to potential. The demand pressures associated with the large terms-of-trade gains are reflected in a fast real more...

France : 2006 Article IV Consultation—Staff Report, Staff Supplement; and Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion

Release Date: November, 2006

Price: $18.00

France’s economic short-term outlook is positive, and long-term prospects have improved. Fiscal adjustment remains high on the government’s agenda. Tax reforms have improved the more...

Republic of Moldova : Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Annual Evaluation Report 2005

Release Date: May, 2006

Price: $15.00

This paper reviews the Poverty Reduction Strategy Annual Evaluation Report 2005 for Moldova. Economic growth and income redistribution policies promoted in the context of Economic Growth and Poverty more...