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The Trade Impact of China on EMU: Is It Even Across Members?

Author/Editor: Uffe Mikkelsen, Esther Pérez Ruiz.

Release Date: September, 2012

Price: $18.00

This paper investigates the asymmetries in trade spillovers from sector-specific technology shocks in China to selected euro area countries. We use a Ricardian-gravity trade model to estimate more...

Euro Area Policies : Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation with Member Countries

Release Date: July, 2012

Price: $18.00

The 2012 Article IV Consultation report on euro area policies highlights that investors are withholding funding from member states most in need, moving capital “north” and abroad to perceived more...

Euro Area Policies : 2012 Article IV Consultation: Selected Issues Paper

Release Date: July, 2012

Price: $18.00

This 2012 Article IV Consultation—Selected Issues Paper on Euro Area Policies argues that the creation of a common eurozone financial stability architecture is an immediate priority to restore the more...

Narrowing Vertical Fiscal Imbalances in Four European Countries

Author/Editor: Izabela Karpowicz.

Release Date: March, 2012

Price: $18.00

This paper describes the institutional changes that have induced a decline in the vertical fiscal imbalance (VFI) - defined as the share of sub-national own spending not financed through own revenues more...

Determinants of Inflation in the Euro Area: The Role of Labor and Product Market Institutions

Author/Editor: Florence Jaumotte, Hanan Morsy.

Release Date: January, 2012

Price: $18.00

While inflation differentials in a monetary union can be benign, reflecting a catch-up process, or an adjustment mechanism to asymmetric shocks or different business cycles, they may also indicate more...

Republic of Poland : Selected Issues

Release Date: April, 2008

Price: $18.00

This paper provides three policy lessons to take full advantage of the opportunity afforded by EU funds. The main features of the global integrated monetary and fiscal (GIMF) model and how it was more...

Cyprus : Assessment of Financial Sector Supervision and Regulation, including Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes on the following topics: Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision, and Securities Regulation

Release Date: October, 2006

Price: $18.00

The report summarizes the assessment of Financial Sector Supervision and Regulation on Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) on banking supervision, insurance supervision, and more...