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Ghana : Selected Issues

Release Date: June, 2007

Price: $18.00

This Selected Issues paper examines competitiveness and the equilibrium real exchange rate for Ghana. It estimates a behavioral equilibrium exchange rate model for Ghana to establish to what extent more...

The Gambia : Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

Release Date: March, 2007

Price: $18.00

This Selected Issues paper assesses The Gambia’s external competitiveness by reviewing developments in several indicators, ranging from exchange rate-based indices to survey-based assessments more...

Niger : Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper: 2004 Status Report

Release Date: January, 2007

Price: $18.00

This paper discusses key findings of the 2004 Status Report on Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) for Niger. The report assesses economic and financial performance, as well as progress in more...