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Japan: Insurance Core Principles-Detailed Assessment of Observance

Release Date: August, 2012

Price: $18.00

Barriers to Household Risk Management: Evidence from India

Author/Editor: Shawn Cole, Xavier Gine, Jeremy Tobacman, Petia Topalova, Robert M. Townsend, James Ian Vickery.

Release Date: July, 2012

Price: $18.00

Why do many households remain exposed to large exogenous sources of non-systematic income risk? We use a series of randomized field experiments in rural India to test the importance of price and more...

Sri Lanka : Financial System Stability Assessment: Update, including Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes on the following topics: Banking Supervision and Payment Systems

Release Date: December, 2007

Price: $18.00

This paper presents an update to the Financial System Stability Assessment on Sri Lanka. The paper discusses that despite a challenging macroeconomic environment characterized by a high fiscal more...