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How Private Creditors Fared in Emerging Debt Markets, 1970-2000

Author/Editor: Jeronimo Zettelmeyer, Beatrice Weder, Christoph Klingen.

Release Date: January, 2004

Price: $15.00

We estimate ex post returns to emerging market debt by combining secondary-market prices with observed flows based on World Bank data. From 1970-2000, returns averaged 9 percent per annum, about the more...

Money, Wages and Inflation in Middle-Income Developing Countries

Author/Editor: Pierre-Richard Agénor, Alexander W Hoffmaister.

Release Date: December, 1997

Price: $15.00

This paper examines the short-run links between money growth, exchange rate depreciation, nominal wage growth, the output gap, and inflation in Chile, Korea, Mexico, and Turkey, using a generalized more...