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Law and Financial Stability

Release Date:January, 2020

This volume comprises a selection of papers prepared in connection with a high-level seminar on Law and Financial Stability held at the IMF in 2016. It examines, from a legal perspective, the more...

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Debt and Entanglements Between the Wars

Author/Editor: Thomas J Sargent, George Hall, Martin Ellison, Andrew Scott, Harold James, Era Dabla-Norris, Mark De Broeck, Nicolas End, Marina Marinkov, Vitor Gaspar.

Release Date:November, 2019

World War I created a set of forces that affected the political arrangements and economies of all the countries involved. This period in global economic history between World War I and II offers rich more...

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Paving the Way to Sustained Growth and Prosperity in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic

Author/Editor: Kimberly Beaton, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Lorenzo U Figliuoli.

Release Date:September, 2019

Abstract: Accelerating economic growth in Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (CAPDR) remains an elusive task. While the region performed relatively well in the post-global financial more...

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Brazil : Boom, Bust, and Road to Recovery

Author/Editor: Antonio Spilimbergo, Krishna Srinivasan.

Release Date:March, 2019

Brazil is at crossroads, emerging slowly from a historic recession that was preceded by a huge economic boom. Reasons for the historic bust following a boom are manifold. Policy mistakes were an more...

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The Future of China's Bond Market

Release Date:March, 2019

China’s bond market is destined to play an increasingly important role, both at home and abroad. And the inclusion of the country’s bonds in global indexes will be a milestone for its financial more...

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Foreign Exchange Intervention in Inflation Targeters in Latin America

Author/Editor: Marcos d Chamon, David J Hofman, Nicolas E Magud, Alejandro M Werner.

Release Date:February, 2019

Foreign exchange intervention is widely used as a policy tool, particularly in emerging markets, but many facets of this tool remain limited, especially in the context of flexible exchange rate more...

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The ASEAN Way : Sustaining Growth and Stability

Author/Editor: Ana Corbacho, Shanaka J Peiris.

Release Date:October, 2018

The first part of the book examines the evolution of monetary policy and prudential frameworks of the ASEAN­5, with particular focus on changes since the Asian financial crisis and the more recent more...

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Realizing Indonesia's Economic Potential

Author/Editor: Luis E Breuer, Jaime Guajardo, Tidiane Kinda.

Release Date:August, 2018

Analytical work on Indonesian macroeconomic and financial issues, with an overarching theme on building institutions and policies for prosperity and inclusive growth. The book begins with a 20-year more...

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IMF Financial Operations 2018

Release Date:April, 2018

IMF Financial Operations 2018 provides a broad introduction to how the IMF fulfills its mission through its financial activities. It covers the financial structure and operations of the IMF and more...

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Advancing the Frontiers of Monetary Policy

Author/Editor: Tobias Adrian, Douglas Laxton, Maurice Obstfeld.

Release Date:April, 2018

Contributors working at the International Monetary Fund present 14 chapters on the development of monetary policy over the past quarter century through the lens of the evolution of inflation-forecast more...

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