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Vanuatu: 2013 Article IV Consultation

Release Date:June, 2013

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Fiscal Sustainability, Public Investment, and Growth in Natural Resource-Rich, Low-Income Countries : The Case of Cameroon

Author/Editor: Issouf Samaké, Priscilla S. Muthoora, Bruno Versailles.

Release Date:June, 2013

This paper assesses the implications of the use of oil revenue for public investment on growth and fiscal sustainability in Cameroon. We develop a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model to more...

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Vietnam: Staff Report for the 2012 Article IV Consultation

Release Date:July, 2012

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Velocity of Pledged Collateral : Analysis and Implications

Author/Editor: Manmohan Singh.

Release Date:November, 2011

Large banks and dealers use and reuse collateral pledged by nonbanks, which helps lubricate the global financial system. The supply of collateral arises from specific investment strategies in the more...

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Vanuatu: 2011 Article IV Consultation - Staff Report; Debt Sustainability Analysis; and Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion

Release Date:May, 2011

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Vietnam : 2010 Article IV Consultation: Staff Report and Public Information Notice

Release Date:September, 2010

Real GDP growth slowed somewhat to 5.3 percent in 2009, its slowest pace since 2000, though Vietnam was among the better performers in developing Asia. An immediate challenge is to consolidate the more...

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Vietnam: Bayesian Estimation of Output Gap

Author/Editor: Wojciech Maliszewski.

Release Date:June, 2010

The paper constructs a new output gap measure for Vietnam by applying Bayesian methods to a two-equation AS-AD model, while treating the output gap as an unobservable series to be estimated together more...

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Valuation of Unlisted Direct Investment Equity

Author/Editor: Thomas Elkjaer, Jannick Damgaard, Emmanuel O. Kumah.

Release Date:November, 2009

This paper analyzes the seven valuation methods for unlisted direct investment equity included in the recently adopted IMF Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, Sixth more...

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Vanuatu : 2009 Article IV Consultation: Staff Report; Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Alternate Executive Director for Vanuatu

Release Date:May, 2009

The staff report for Vanuatu’s 2009 Article IV Consultation discusses economic developments and policies. Vanuatu is well placed to take countercyclical measures should growth slow more than more...

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Vietnam : 2008 Article IV Consultation: Staff Report; Staff Supplement and Statement; Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for Vietnam

Release Date:April, 2009

Following an extended period of strong economic performance, Vietnam is facing considerable challenges. Growth moderated to 6.2 percent in 2008. Rapid credit growth fueled by massive capital inflows, more...

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