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Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law

Release Date:February, 2013

“Restoring Financial Stability-The Legal Response” is the theme of the sixth volume of “Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law.” The book covers a range of issues: frameworks and more...

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Unwinding Financial Sector Interventions : Preconditions and Practical Considerations

Author/Editor: Michael G Papaioannou, Udaibir S Das.

Release Date:October, 2010

As the financial crisis abates, governments are faced with the challenge of balancing the withdrawal of fiscal support with reestablishing sound public finances and sustainable growth. This volume more...

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Reconstructing the World Economy

Author/Editor: Il SaKong, Olivier J. Blanchard.

Release Date:July, 2010

This volume presents papers from a conference organized by the Korea Development Institute and the IMF. The purpose of this high-level conference was for policymakers and academics from the Asian more...

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Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Vol. 4

Release Date:November, 2008

The Legal Department and the Institute of the IMF held their ninth biennial seminar for legal advisors of IMF member countries’ central banks, and the papers published in this volume are more...

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Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Vol. 5

Release Date:November, 2008

The main theme of Volume 5 in this series is law and financial stability. The chapters cover many topics that enhance the reader's understanding of financial stability, as well as the many more...

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Working Together : Improving Regulatory Cooperation and Information Exchange

Release Date:June, 2007

Globalization requires enhanced information flows among financial regulators. Standard-setting bodies for financial sector regulation provide extensive guidance, but financial sector assessments have more...

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India's and China's Recent Experience with Reform and Growth

Author/Editor: Wanda Tseng, David Cowen.

Release Date:May, 2007

China and India already rank among the world's largest economies, and each is moving rapidly toward the center stage of the global economy. In this process, different priorities have been placed on more...

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Rapid Credit Growth in Central and Eastern Europe : Endless Boom or Early Warning?

Author/Editor: Charles Enoch, Inci Ötker.

Release Date:March, 2007

This volume represents the latest developments and policy debate on a very current issue: the rapid growth of banking sector credit to the private sector, which continues to occupy the minds of more...

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Procyclicality of Financial Systems in Asia

Author/Editor: Stefan Gerlach, Paul F Gruenwald.

Release Date:July, 2006

The procyclicality of financial systems has received an increasing amount of attention from policymakers, academics, and international organizations in recent years. This heightened interest stems more...

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The Macroeconomic Management of Foreign Aid : Opportunities and Pitfalls

Author/Editor: Boriana Yontcheva, Peter Isard, Leslie Lipschitz, Alex Mourmouras.

Release Date:April, 2006

Relatively slow progress toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by their 2015 target date has added urgency to the challenge of reducing global poverty. The authors of this new more...

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