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Officially Supported Export Credits in a Changing World

Author/Editor: Jian-Ye Wang, Yo Kikuchi, Sidhartha Choudhury, Mario Mansilla.

Release Date:July, 2005

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Emerging Local Securities and Derivatives Markets : Recent Developments and Policy Issues

Author/Editor: Ramana Ramaswamy, Jorge Roldos, Donald J. Mathieson, Anna Ilyina.

Release Date:April, 2004

In response to the volatility of capital flows since the mid-1990s, many emerging market economies have taken a variety of steps designed to “selfinsure” against volatile capital flows. more...

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Emerging Local Securities and Derivative Markets

Release Date:April, 2004

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Official Financing : Recent Developments and Selected Issues

Release Date:March, 2004

This study provides information on official financing and the debt situation of developing countries. It discusses issues related to trade finance in financial crises, and the challenge of more...

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Exchange Arrangements and Foreign Exchange Markets : Developments and Issues

Release Date:March, 2003

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International Capital Markets: Developments, Prospects, and Key Policy Issues

Release Date:January, 2002

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International Capital Markets, August 2001

Author/Editor: Donald J Mathieson, Garry J Schinasi.

Release Date:August, 2001

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Official Financing for Developing Countries

Release Date:August, 2001

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International Capital Markets : Developments, Prospects, and Key Policy Issues (September 2000)

Release Date:September, 2000

Following a review and assesment of recent developments in capital market and banking systems, this year's International Capital Markets report review and assesses recent developments in mature and more...

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World Economic Outlook, October 1999 : Safeguarding Macroeconomci Stability at Low Inflation

Release Date:October, 1999

Supporting Studies for the World Economic Outlook, prepared by IMF staff, provide a more detailed analysis of issues recently covered in the main pubication. The current edition includes studies of more...

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