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Tax Amnesties : Theory, Trends, and Some Alternatives

Author/Editor: Eric Le Borgne, Katherine Baer.

Release Date:July, 2008

Tax amnesties remain as popular as ever as a tool for raising revenue and increasing tax compliance. International experience, however, shows that the costs of tax amnesty programs often exceed the more...

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Fiscal Management of Scaled-Up Aid

Author/Editor: Kevin Fletcher, Sanjeev Gupta, Duncan Last, Gerd Schwartz, Shamsuddin Tareq, Richard Allen, Isabell Adenauer.

Release Date:April, 2008

The international community has committed to scaling up aid and improving aid delivery to low-income countries to help them meet the Millennium Development Goals. Other emerging donors, public and more...

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Sub-Saharan Africa : Forging New Trade Links with Asia

Author/Editor: Sanjeev Gupta, Kevin Joseph Carey, Ulrich Jacoby.

Release Date:October, 2007

What is the impact on trade in sub-Saharan Africa of the recent rapid growth in China and other Asian countries, and the associated commodity price boom? This paper looks at how trading patterns more...

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What Macroeconomists Should Know about Health Care Policy

Author/Editor: Peter S Heller, William C Hsiao.

Release Date:April, 2007

This primer explains why macroeconomists need to be concerned with issues of health policy and elaborates the essential information that a macroeconomist should know in providing inputs to more...

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Islamic Republic of Iran : Managing the Transition to a Market Economy

Release Date:March, 2007

Iran has received much attention from a geopolitical and regional standpoint, but its economic challenges have not attracted a similar degree of interest. With a population of 69 million, more...

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Public-Private Partnerships, Government Guarantees, and Fiscal Risk

Author/Editor: M Cangiano, Barry Anderson, Max Alier, Murray Petrie, Richard Hemming.

Release Date:April, 2006

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) refer to arrangements under which the private sector supplies infrastructure assets and infrastructure-based services that traditionally have been provided by the more...

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Macroeconomic Challenges of Scaling Up Aid to Africa

Author/Editor: Yongzheng Yang, Robert Powell, Sanjeev Gupta.

Release Date:March, 2006

Over the next decade, African countries are expected to be the largest beneficiaries of increased donor aid, which is intended to improve their prospects for achieving the Millennium Development more...

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Sustaining and Accelerating Pro-Poor Growth in Africa

Author/Editor: Kevin Joseph Carey, Sanjeev Gupta, Catherine A Pattillo.

Release Date:February, 2006

Growth in sub-Saharan Africa has recently shown signs of improvement, but is still short of levels needed to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Economists have placed increasing emphasis on more...

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Cambodia : Rebuilding for a Challenging Future

Author/Editor: Sumio Ishikawa, Sibel Beadle, Damien Eastman, Srobona Mitra, Alejandro Lopez Mejia, Wafa Abdelati, Koji Nakamura, Il Houng Lee, Sònia Muñoz, Robert P Hagemann, David T Coe, Nadia Rendak.

Release Date:February, 2006

Cambodia's reconstruction and reform efforts have spanned almost 25 years following the Khmer Rouge period, which ended in 1979. Economic reforms began in earnest in the early 1990s, but reform more...

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Migration and Remittances in Moldova

Author/Editor: Milan Cuc, Erik J Lundback, Edgardo Ruggiero.

Release Date:January, 2006

Labor migration and remittances, which have increasingly become a part of the global landscape, have profound economic and social consequences. Moldova, a small low-income country where an estimated more...

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