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Per Jacobsson Lecture : Economic and Financial Issues Related to Climate Change

Author/Editor: Nicholas Stern, Mark Carney, Ashley Schulten, Maureen Cropper.

Release Date:March, 2018

Climate finance is a very broad and very fast-growing area. Until very recently, it was actually quite rare to hear people talking about terms like “unburnable carbon” and “stranded assets” more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture : Are We Safer? The Case for Strengthening the Bagehot Arsenal

Author/Editor: Timothy Geithner.

Release Date:October, 2017

The choices we make in advance of the next financial crisis will have a major impact in determining the magnitude of the economic damage. Our vulnerability to crisis depends on the strength of the more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture : Latin America: Outlook and Challenges Ahead

Author/Editor: Carmen Reinhart, Rodrigo O Valdes.

Release Date:September, 2017

Latin America: Outlook and Challenges Ahead more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture: October 2014 : The Federal Reserve and the Global Economy

Release Date:April, 2015

As the Federal Reserve’s statutory objectives are defined as specific goals for the U.S. economy—to pursue maximum sustainable employment and price stability—and its policy decisions are more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture: June 2014 : Managing Financial Crisis in an Interconnected World: Anticipating the MegaTidal Waves

Release Date:March, 2015

This Per Jacobsson Lecture focuses on the new challenges in the management of financial crises that arise from the increased interconnectivity in national financial systems that have also become more...

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Asia and Pacific : Small States Monitor, April 2014: Volume 1, Issue 1

Author/Editor: Shari Boyce, Sergei Dodzin, Xuefei Bai, Ezequiel Cabezon, Fazurin Jamaludin, Yiqun Wu, Rosanne Heller.

Release Date:April, 2014

The work on the small states is an important component of the IMF’s global policy agenda. Among the 36 member countries covered by the IMF Asia and Pacific Department (APD), 13 countries are more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture : Central Banking in the Crisis: Conceptual Convergence and Open Questions on Unconventional Monetary Policy

Release Date:April, 2014

Since the grave disruption of the subprime market at the start of the global financial crisis triggered major turbulences in the functioning of money markets in all large advanced economies, central more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture: Chinas Monetary Policy Since the Turn of the Century

Release Date:November, 2013

Over the past dozen years or so, China has faced major challenges in the conduct of monetary policy. In responding to these challenges, China’s monetary policy has successfully maintained stability more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture

Release Date:March, 2013

The future of finance, and in particular saving it from a popular backlash against the global financial crisis and related crisis management policies, has become a matter of great concern. In this more...

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Per Jacobsson Lecture: September 2011

Release Date:June, 2012

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