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Fiscal Monitor Subscription

Release Date:October, 2018

With increasing fiscal challenges in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, multilateral surveillance of fiscal developments, a key part of the IMF's surveillance responsibilities, has gained more...

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Fiscal Monitor, October 2018 : Managing Public Wealth

Release Date:October, 2018

Public sector balance sheets provide the most comprehensive picture of public wealth. They bring together all the accumulated assets and liabilities that the government controls, including public more...

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Fiscal Monitor, April 2018 : Capitalizing on Good Times

Release Date:April, 2018

This report discusses fiscal trends in policies aimed at reducing fiscal vulnerabilities and boosting medium-term growth, recent fiscal developments and the fiscal outlook in advanced economies, more...

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Fiscal Monitor, October 2017 : Tackling Inequality

Release Date:October, 2017

At the global level, inequality has declined substantially over the past three decades, but within national boundaries, the picture is mixed: some countries have experienced a reduction in inequality more...

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Fiscal Monitor, April 2017 : Achieving More with Less

Release Date:April, 2017

This publication is a survey by the IMF staff, published twice a year, in the spring and fall, as part of the IMF’s World Economic and Financial Surveys. The current issue analyzes the latest more...

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Fiscal Monitor, October 2016 : Debt: Use It Wisely

Author/Editor: Marialuz Moreno Badia.

Release Date:October, 2016

Drawing on an expanded data set covering emerging markets and low-income countries as well as advanced economies, this issue examines the extent and makeup of global debt and asks what role fiscal more...

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Fiscal Monitor, April 2016 : Acting Now, Acting Together

Release Date:April, 2016

The global economy remains fragile at this time. While the recovery in advanced economies is softening, many emerging market and developing economies have experienced a significant economic slowdown, more...

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Fiscal Monitor, October 2015 : The Commodities Roller Coaster - A Fiscal Framework for Uncertain Times

Release Date:October, 2015

This issue of the Fiscal Monitor examines the conduct of fiscal policy under the uncertainty caused by dependence on natural resource revenues. It draws on extensive past research on the behavior of more...

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Fiscal Monitor, April 2015 : Now Is the Time: Fiscal Policies for Sustainable Growth

Release Date:April, 2015

Fiscal risks remain significant in both advanced and emerging market and developing economies. Fiscal policy continues to play an essential role in building confidence and, where appropriate, more...

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Fiscal Monitor, October 2014 : Back to Work: How Fiscal Policy Can Help

Release Date:October, 2014

At a time when job creation tops the policy agenda globally, this issue of the Fiscal Monitor explores if and how fiscal policy can do more for jobs. It finds that while fiscal policy cannot more...

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