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Independent Evaluation Office Annual Report 2019

Release Date:August, 2019

Independent Evaluation Office Annual Report 2019 more...

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IEO Evaluation Report : Unconventional Monetary Policies

Release Date:July, 2019

Unconventional Monetary Policies more...

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IEO Evaluation Report : IMF Financial Surveillance

Release Date:February, 2019

In response to the Global Financial Crisis, the IMF launched many initiatives to strengthen financial surveillance and better advise member countries of vulnerabilities and risks. While these more...

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Governance of the IMF : Evaluation Update

Release Date:November, 2018

In 2008, the IEO undertook an evaluation on the IMF governance and concluded that effectiveness had been the strongest aspect of IMF governance, while accountability and voice had been the weakest. more...

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Structural Conditionality in IMF-Supported Programs : Evaluation Update 2018

Release Date:August, 2018

This Evaluation Update revisits the findings and conclusions of the 2007 Independent Evaluation Office evaluation on Structural Conditionality in IMF-Supported Programs. The Update found some more...

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IMF and Fragile States : 2018 Evaluation Report

Release Date:April, 2018

This evaluation assesses the IMF’s work on countries in fragile and conflict-affected situations (FCS), addressing both (i) its engagement through surveillance, lending, and capacity development more...

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IMF Exchange Rate Policy Advice : Revisiting the 2007 IEO Evaluation

Author/Editor: Louellen Stedman, John Hicklin, Roxana Pedraglio.

Release Date:December, 2017

This report is the seventh in a series of evaluation updates by the Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF (IEO) that return to past IEO evaluations and assess the continuing relevance of their more...

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IEO Evaluation Report : The IMF and Social Protection

Release Date:October, 2017

IEO Evaluation Report: The IMF and Social Protection more...

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Independent Evaluation Office Annual Report 2017

Release Date:October, 2017

Independent Evaluation Office Annual Report 2017 more...

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Background Papers on The IMF and the Crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal

Author/Editor: Moisés J Schwartz, Shinji Takagi.

Release Date:June, 2017

This volume book brings together nine background papers prepared for an evaluation by the IMF Independent Evaluation Office of “the IMF and the crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal.” It more...

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