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The Economic Impact of IMF-Supported Programs in Low-Income Countries

Author/Editor: Yasemin Bal-Gunduz, Christian Ebeke, Burcu Hacibedel, Linda Kaltani, Vera V Kehayova, Chris Lane, Christian Mumssen, Nkunde Mwase, Joseph Thornton.

Release Date:October, 2013

This paper aims to assess the economic impact of the IMF’s support through its facilities for low-income countries. It relies on two complementary econometric analyses: the first more...

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Assessing Reserve Adequacy in Low-Income Countries

Author/Editor: Valerio Crispolti, Era Dabla-Norris, Jun Il Kim, Kazuko Shirono, George C. Tsibouris.

Release Date:March, 2013

Low-income countries routinely experience exogenous disturbances—sharp swings in the terms of trade, export demand, natural disasters, and volatile financial flows—that more...

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The Challenge of Public Pension Reform in Advanced and Emerging Economies

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, David Coady, Frank Eich, Sanjeev Gupta, Alvar Kangur, Baoping Shang, Mauricio Soto.

Release Date:January, 2013

Pension reform is high on the policy agenda of many advanced and emerging market economies. In advanced economies the challenge is generally to contain future increases in public pension spending as more...

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ASEAN Chronicles: Trade Exposure, Regional Integration, and Global Rebalancing

Author/Editor: Sanjay Kalra.

Release Date:July, 2011

Since the Asian crisis of the late 1990s, many well-documented trends have irrevocably altered the global economy-the rise of China, the relative decline of Japan, and the consumption boom in the more...

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Exchange Rate Regimes and the Stability of the International Monetary System

Author/Editor: Atish R. Ghosh, Jonathan David Ostry, Charalambos G. Tsangarides.

Release Date:March, 2011

The member countries of the International Monetary Fund collaborate to try to assure orderly exchange arrangements and promote a stable system of exchange rates, recognizing that the essential more...

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External Performance in Low-Income Countries

Author/Editor: Alessandro Prati, Luca Antonio Ricci, Lone Engbo Christiansen, Stephen Tokarick, Thierry Tressel.

Release Date:March, 2011

Assessments of exchange rate misalignments and external imbalances for low-income countries are challenging because methodologies developed for advanced and emerging economies cannot be automatically more...

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Making Fiscal Decentralization Work

Author/Editor: Annalisa Fedelino.

Release Date:October, 2010

The question of what makes fiscal decentralization work is faced by many policymakers around the world. This book draws on both the relevant literature and policy and technical advice provided by the more...

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The Role of the Exchange Rate in Inflation-Targeting Emerging Economies

Author/Editor: Anna Nordstrom, Scott Roger, Mark R. Stone, Seiichi Shimizu, Turgut Kisinbay, Jorge Restrepo.

Release Date:November, 2009

This paper explores the role of exchange rates in emerging economies with inflation-targeting regimes, an issue that has become especially germane during the current episode of financial turmoil and more...

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Structural Reforms and Economic Performance in Advanced and Developing Countries

Author/Editor: Antonio Spilimbergo, Alessandro Prati, Jonathan David Ostry.

Release Date:October, 2009

This volume examines the impact on economic performance of structural policies-policies that increase the role of market forces and competition in the economy, while maintaining appropriate more...

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Fiscal Implications of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis

Release Date:September, 2009

The economic and financial crisis is affecting the fiscal accounts of virtually every country. Public sector support for the financial system, fiscal stimulus and the automatic stabilizers, as well more...

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