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Inequality and Poverty across Generations in the European Union

Author/Editor: Tingyun Chen, Jean-Jacques Hallaert, Alexander Pitt, Haonan Qu, Maximilien Queyranne, Alaina Rhee, Anna Shabunina, Jérôme Vandenbussche, Irene Yackovlev.

Release Date:January, 2018

This SDN studies the evolution of inequality across age groups leading up to and since the global financial crisis, as well as implications for fiscal and labor policies. Europe’s population is more...

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Emigration and Its Economic Impact on Eastern Europe

Author/Editor: Ruben V Atoyan, Lone Engbo Christiansen, Allan Dizioli, Christian H Ebeke, Nadeem Ilahi, Anna Ilyina, Gil Mehrez, Haonan Qu, Faezeh Raei, Alaina P Rhee, Daria V Zakharova.

Release Date:July, 2016

This paper analyses the impact of large and persistent emigration from Eastern European countries over the past 25 years on these countries’ growth and income convergence to advanced Europe. While more...

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Saudi Arabia : Tackling Emerging Economic Challenges to Sustain Strong Growth

Author/Editor: Ahmed I Al-Darwish, Naif Alghaith, Alberto Behar, Tim Callen, Pragyan Deb, Amgad Hegazy, Padamja Khandelwal, Malika Pant, Haonan Qu.

Release Date:March, 2015

Saudi Arabia: Tackling Emerging Economic Challenges to Sustain Strong Growth more...

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Making the Most of Public Investment in MENA and CCA Oil-Exporting Countries

Author/Editor: Maria A Albino-War, Svetlana Cerovic, Francesco Grigoli, Juan Flores, Javier Kapsoli, Haonan Qu, Yahia Said, Bahrom Shukurov, Martin Sommer, SeokHyun Yoon.

Release Date:November, 2014

Over the past decade, rising oil prices have translated into high levels of public investment in most MENA and CCA oil exporters. This has prompted questions about the efficiency of public investment more...

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Assessing the Impact and Phasing of Multi-year Fiscal Adjustment : A General Framework

Author/Editor: Ran Bi, Haonan Qu, James Roaf.

Release Date:August, 2013

This paper provides a general framework to assess the output and debt dynamics of an economy undertaking multi-year fiscal adjustment. The framework allows country-specific assumptions about the more...

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Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets: Taming the Cycle

Author/Editor: Donal McGettigan, Kenji Moriyama, Jean F Noah Ndela Ntsama, Francois Painchaud, Haonan Qu, Chad Steinberg.

Release Date:May, 2013

In contrast to advanced markets (AMs), procyclical monetary policy has been a problem for emerging markets (EMs), with macroeconomic policies amplifying economic upswings and deepening downturns. The more...

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