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International Knowledge Spillovers

Author/Editor: Johannes Eugster, Giang Ho, Florence Jaumotte, Roberto Piazza.

Release Date:December, 2018

How important is foreign knowledge for domestic innovation outcomes? How is this relation shaped by globalization and the attendant intensification of international competition? Our empirical more...

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The Labor Market Integration of Migrants in Europe: New Evidence from Micro Data

Author/Editor: Giang Ho, Rima Turk-Ariss.

Release Date:November, 2018

This paper presents novel empirical evidence on the labor market integration of migrants across Europe. It investigates how successfully migrants integrate in 13 European countries by applying a more...

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Cross-Border Transmission of Fiscal Shocks: The Role of Monetary Conditions

Author/Editor: Patrick Blagrave, Giang Ho, Ksenia Koloskova, Esteban Vesperoni.

Release Date:May, 2018

Fiscal stimulus was widely advocated during the global crisis, a period characterized by monetary policy constrained by the effective lower bound (ELB) in many countries, in part because of expected more...

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Fiscal Spillovers : The Importance of Macroeconomic and Policy Conditions in Transmission

Author/Editor: Patrick Blagrave, Giang Ho, Ksenia Koloskova, Esteban Vesperoni.

Release Date:October, 2017

Are fiscal spillovers today as large as they were during the global financial crisis? How do they depend on economic and policy conditions? This note informs the debate on the cross-border impact of more...

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Structural Reforms and Productivity Growth in Emerging Market and Developing Economies

Author/Editor: Era Dabla-Norris, Giang Ho, Annette Kyobe.

Release Date:February, 2016

This paper empirically assesses the role of structural and institutional reforms in driving productivity growth across countries at different stages of development, using a distance-to-frontier more...

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The Nordic Labor Market and Migration

Author/Editor: Giang Ho, Kazuko Shirono.

Release Date:December, 2015

The large influx of migrants to Nordic countries in recent years is challenging the
 adoptability of Nordic labor market institutions while also adding to potential growth. This

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A Model-Based Analysis of Spillovers: The Case of Poland and the Euro Area

Author/Editor: Michal Andrle, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Giang Ho.

Release Date:October, 2014

This paper studies economic and financial spillovers from the euro area to Poland in a two-country semi-structural model. The model incorporates various channels of macrofinancial linkages and more...

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Growth: Now and Forever?

Author/Editor: Giang Ho, Paolo Mauro.

Release Date:July, 2014

Forecasters often predict continued rapid economic growth into the medium and long term for countries that have recently experienced strong growth. Using long-term forecasts of economic growth from more...

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A Financial Conditions Index for Poland

Author/Editor: Giang Ho, Yinqiu Lu.

Release Date:December, 2013

This paper constructs a financial conditions index for Poland to explore the link between financial conditions and real economic activity. The index in constructed by applying two complementary more...

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The Role of Domestic and External Shocks in Poland: Results from an Agnostic Estimation Procedure

Author/Editor: Michal Andrle, Roberto Garcia-Saltos, Giang Ho.

Release Date:October, 2013

This paper discusses interlinkages between Poland and the euro zone using a simple and agnostic econometric approach. Specifically, we estimate a trend-cycle VAR model using data for real and nominal more...

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