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Anatomy of Sudden Yen Appreciations

Author/Editor: Fei Han, Niklas J Westelius.

Release Date:July, 2019

The yen is an important barometer for the Japanese economy. Depreciations are typically associated with favorable economic developments such as increased corporate profits, rising equity prices, and more...

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The Impact of Demographics on Productivity and Inflation in Japan

Author/Editor: Niklas J Westelius, Yihan Liu.

Release Date:December, 2016

Is Japan’s aging and, more recently, declining population hampering growth and reflation efforts? Exploiting demographic and economic variation in prefectural data between 1990 and 2007, we find more...

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External Linkages and Policy Constraints in Saudi Arabia

Author/Editor: Niklas J Westelius.

Release Date:March, 2013

The constraints that external linkages impose on domestic policy choices in Saudi Arabia have continuously evolved over the past four decades. This paper argues that two major ongoing developments in more...

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