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Problem Loans in the Caribbean: Determinants, Impact and Strategies for Resolution

Author/Editor: Kimberly Beaton, Thomas Dowling, Dmitriy Kovtun, Franz Loyola, Alla Myrvoda, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei, Inci Ötker, Jarkko Turunen.

Release Date:November, 2017

The high level of nonperforming loans (NPLs) in the Caribbean has been, in large part, a legacy of the global financial crisis, but their persistence owes much to the weak economic recovery in the more...

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Loss of Correspondent Banking Relationships in the Caribbean : Trends, Impact, and Policy Options

Author/Editor: Trevor Serge Coleridge Alleyne, Jacques Bouhga-Hagbe, Thomas Dowling, Dmitriy Kovtun, Alla Myrvoda, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei, Jarkko Turunen.

Release Date:September, 2017

Banks across the Caribbean have lost important Correspondent Banking Relationships (CBRs). The macroeconomic impact has so far been limited, in part because banks either have multiple relationships more...

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National Insurance Scheme Reforms in the Caribbean

Author/Editor: Koffie Ben Nassar, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei, Mike Li, Timothy Robinson, Saji Thomas.

Release Date:October, 2016

Weighed down by population aging, slow economic growth, and high unemployment, National Insurance Schemes in the Caribbean are projected to run substantial deficits and deplete their assets in the more...

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The Challenges of Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Reduction in the Caribbean

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey, Machiko Narita, Garth Peron Nicholls, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei.

Release Date:November, 2012

This paper examines debt dynamics in the Caribbean and discusses policy options for reducing the high debt levels. Based on empirical studies of factors underlying global large debt reduction more...

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