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Digging Deeper--Evidence on the Effects of Macroprudential Policies from a New Database

Author/Editor: Zohair Alam, Adrian Alter, Jesse Eiseman, R G Gelos, Heedon Kang, Machiko Narita, Erlend Nier, Naixi Wang.

Release Date:March, 2019

This paper introduces a new comprehensive database of macroprudential policies, which combines information from various sources and covers 134 countries from January 1990 to December 2016. Using more...

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Has Higher Household Indebtedness Weakened Monetary Policy Transmission?

Author/Editor: R G Gelos, Tommaso Mancini Griffoli, Machiko Narita, Federico Grinberg, Umang Rawat, Shujaat Khan.

Release Date:January, 2019

Has monetary policy in advanced economies been less effective since the global financial crisis because of deteriorating household balance sheets? This paper examines the question using household more...

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Does Prolonged Monetary Policy Easing Increase Financial Vulnerability?

Author/Editor: Stephen Cecchetti, Tommaso Mancini Griffoli, Machiko Narita.

Release Date:March, 2017

Using firm-level data for approximately 1,000 bank and nonbank financial institutions in 22 countries over the past 15 years we study the impact of prolonged monetary policy easing on risk-taking more...

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The Challenges of Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Reduction in the Caribbean

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey, Machiko Narita, Garth Peron Nicholls, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei.

Release Date:November, 2012

This paper examines debt dynamics in the Caribbean and discusses policy options for reducing the high debt levels. Based on empirical studies of factors underlying global large debt reduction more...

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