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Caribbean Renewal: Tackling Fiscal and Debt Challenges

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey, Therese Turner-Jones.

Release Date:May, 2014

Caribbean economies face high and rising debt-to-GDP ratios that jeopardize prospects for medium-term debt sustainability and growth. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the challenges of more...

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The Challenges of Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Reduction in the Caribbean

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey, Machiko Narita, Garth Peron Nicholls, Joel Chiedu Okwuokei.

Release Date:November, 2012

This paper examines debt dynamics in the Caribbean and discusses policy options for reducing the high debt levels. Based on empirical studies of factors underlying global large debt reduction more...

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Fiscal Policy and the Current Account: Are Microstates Different?

Author/Editor: Yehenew Endegnanew, Charles Amo Yartey, Therese Turner-Jones.

Release Date:February, 2012

This paper examines the empirical link between fiscal policy and the current account focusing on microstates defined as countries with a population of less than 2 million between 1970 and 2009. The more...

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Barbados: Sectoral Balance Sheet Mismatches and Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:January, 2012

This paper uses the balance sheet approach to analyze macroeconomic vulnerabilities in Barbados between 2006 and 2009. It discusses the financial position of the economy and its main sectors and the more...

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Understanding the Growth of African Financial Markets

Author/Editor: Mihasonirina Andrianaivo, Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:August, 2009

This paper examines empirically the determinants of financial market development in Africa with an emphasis on banking systems and stock markets. The results show that income level, creditor rights more...

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The Determinants of Stock Market Development in Emerging Economies : Is South Africa Different?

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:February, 2008

This paper examines the institutional and macroeconomic determinants of stock market development using a panel data of 42 emerging economies for the period 1990 to 2004. The paper finds that more...

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Stock Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa : Critical Issues and Challenges

Author/Editor: Charles Komla Adjasi, Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:August, 2007

This paper examines the economic importance of stock markets in Africa. It discusses policy options for promoting the development of the stock market in Africa. The results of the paper show that the more...

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Financial Development, the Structure of Capital Markets, and the Global Digital Divide

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:November, 2006

This paper examines the role of financial development and financial structure in explaining cross-country diffusion of information communication technology (ICT). Using panel data for 76 emerging and more...

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The Stock Market and the Financing of Corporate Growth in Africa : The Case of Ghana

Author/Editor: Charles Amo Yartey.

Release Date:September, 2006

This paper examines the corporate financing pattern in Ghana. In particular, it investigates whether Singh's theoretically anomalous findings that developing country firms make considerably more use more...

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