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Financial Inclusion in Asia-Pacific

Author/Editor: Elena Loukoianova, Yongzheng Yang, Si Guo, Leni Hunter, Sarwat Jahan, Fazurin Jamaludin, Umang Rawat, Johanna Schauer, Piyaporn Sodsriwiboon, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:September, 2018

Asia has made significant progress in financial inclusion, but both its across-country and intra-country disparities are among the highest in the world. The gaps between the rich and the poor, rural more...

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Strengthening Fiscal Frameworks and Improving the Spending Mix in Small States

Author/Editor: Ezequiel Cabezon, Patrizia Tumbarello, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2015

Reflecting diseconomies of scale in providing public goods and services, recurrentspending in small states typically represents a large share of GDP. For some small states,this limits the fiscal more...

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Enhancing Macroeconomic Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Ezequiel Cabezon, Leni Hunter, Patrizia Tumbarello, Kazuaki Washimi, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2015

Natural disasters and climate change are interrelated macro-critical issues affecting allPacific small states to varying degrees. In addition to their devastating human costs, theseevents damage more...

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Pacific Island Countries: In Search of a Trade Strategy

Author/Editor: Hong Chen, Lanieta Rauqeuqe, Shiu raj Singh, Yiqun Wu, Yongzheng Yang.

Release Date:August, 2014

International trade is vital for economic prosperity in Pacific island countries, but their trade performance has been weak over the past decade with the exception of resource-rich countries. Small more...

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Asia and Pacific : Small States Monitor, April 2014: Volume 1, Issue 1

Author/Editor: Shari Boyce, Sergei Dodzin, Xuefei Bai, Ezequiel Cabezon, Fazurin Jamaludin, Yiqun Wu, Rosanne Heller.

Release Date:April, 2014

The work on the small states is an important component of the IMF’s global policy agenda. Among the 36 member countries covered by the IMF Asia and Pacific Department (APD), 13 countries are more...

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Resilience and Growth in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Patrizia Tumbarello, Ezequiel Cabezon, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:May, 2013

The small states of the Asia and Pacific region face unique challenges in raising their growth potential and living standards relative to other small states due to their small populations, more...

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Growth Slowdowns and the Middle-Income Trap

Author/Editor: Shekhar Aiyar, Romain A Duval, Damien Puy, Yiqun Wu, Longmei Zhang.

Release Date:March, 2013

The “middle-income trap” is the phenomenon of hitherto rapidly growing economies stagnating at middle-income levels and failing to graduate into the ranks of high-income countries. In this study more...

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The Evolution of Asian Financial Linkages: Key Determinants and the Role of Policy

Author/Editor: Selim Elekdag, Phurichai Rungcharoenkitkul, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:November, 2012

This paper examines how Asian financial linkages with systemic economies have changed over time. After developing a factor model, it estimates Asian financial sensitivities to systemic economies, and more...

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Global and Regional Spillovers to Pacific Island Countries

Author/Editor: Niamh Sheridan, Patrizia Tumbarello, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2012

Regional integration of Pacific Island countries (PICs) with Australia, New Zealand, and emerging Asia has increased over the last two decades. PICs have become more exposed to the region’s more...

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Surging Capital Flows to Emerging Asia: Facts, Impacts, and Responses

Author/Editor: Ravi Balakrishnan, Sylwia Nowak, Sanjaya Panth, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:May, 2012

Net capital flows to emerging Asia rebounded at a record pace following the global financial crisis, raising concerns about overheating and financial stability. This paper documents the size and more...

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