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Big Data on Vessel Traffic: Nowcasting Trade Flows in Real Time

Author/Editor: Serkan Arslanalp, Marco Marini, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:December, 2019

Vessel traffic data based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a big data source for nowcasting trade activity in real time. Using Malta as a benchmark, we develop indicators of trade and more...

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Challenges in Correspondent Banking in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Jihad Alwazir, Fazurin Jamaludin, Dongyeol Lee, Niamh Sheridan, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:April, 2017

Access to financial services in the small states of the Pacific is being eroded. Weaknesses in Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism compliance in the context of high levels more...

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Resilience and Growth in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Hoe Ee Khor, Roger P Kronenberg, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:August, 2016

Pacific island countries face unique challenges to realizing their growth potential and raising living standards. This book discusses ongoing challenges facing Pacific island countries and policy more...

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Strengthening Fiscal Frameworks and Improving the Spending Mix in Small States

Author/Editor: Ezequiel Cabezon, Patrizia Tumbarello, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2015

Reflecting diseconomies of scale in providing public goods and services, recurrentspending in small states typically represents a large share of GDP. For some small states,this limits the fiscal more...

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Enhancing Macroeconomic Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Ezequiel Cabezon, Leni Hunter, Patrizia Tumbarello, Kazuaki Washimi, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2015

Natural disasters and climate change are interrelated macro-critical issues affecting allPacific small states to varying degrees. In addition to their devastating human costs, theseevents damage more...

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Resilience and Growth in the Small States of the Pacific

Author/Editor: Patrizia Tumbarello, Ezequiel Cabezon, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:May, 2013

The small states of the Asia and Pacific region face unique challenges in raising their growth potential and living standards relative to other small states due to their small populations, more...

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Global and Regional Spillovers to Pacific Island Countries

Author/Editor: Niamh Sheridan, Patrizia Tumbarello, Yiqun Wu.

Release Date:June, 2012

Regional integration of Pacific Island countries (PICs) with Australia, New Zealand, and emerging Asia has increased over the last two decades. PICs have become more exposed to the region’s more...

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What Drives House Prices in Australia? A+L4584 Cross-Country Approach

Author/Editor: Shengzu Wang, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:December, 2010

This paper analyzes the factors driving house prices in Australia from a cross-country perspective using several approaches. It uses a cointegration technique to estimate the long-run equilibrium more...

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Australian Bank and Corporate Sector Vulnerabilities : An International Perspective

Author/Editor: Elöd Takáts, Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:October, 2009

This paper focuses on how the exposure to the corporate sector may impact the health of the Australian banking system. It also compares Australian banks with their international peers. Finally, it more...

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Are Regional Trade Agreements in Asia Stumbling or Building Blocks? Implications for the Mekong-3 Countries

Author/Editor: Patrizia Tumbarello.

Release Date:March, 2007

Is the recent proliferation of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) in Asia a healthy development, or runs the risk of turning into an unmanageable noodle bowl in the future? The goal of this paper is more...

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