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Real Exchange Rates, Economic Complexity, and Investment

Author/Editor: Steve Brito, Nicolas E Magud, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:May, 2018

We show that the response of firm-level investment to real exchange rate movements varies depending on the production structure of the economy. Firms in advanced economies and in emerging Asia more...

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The Refugee Surge in Europe : Economic Challenges

Author/Editor: Shekhar Aiyar, Bergljot B Barkbu, Nicoletta Batini, Helge Berger, Enrica Detragiache, Allan Dizioli, Christian H Ebeke, Huidan Huidan Lin, Linda Kaltani, Sebastian Sosa, Antonio Spilimbergo, Petia Topalova.

Release Date:January, 2016

Against the background of political turmoil in the Middle-East, Europe faces an unprecedented surge in asylum applications. In analyzing the economic impact of this inflow, this paper draws from the more...

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Investment in Emerging Markets We Are Not in Kansas Anymore...Or Are We?

Author/Editor: Nicolas E Magud, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:April, 2015

We document that (i) although private investment growth in emerging markets has decelerated in recent years, it came down from cyclical highs and remains close to pre-crisis trends; and (ii) more...

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Latin America : New Challenges to Growth and Stability

Author/Editor: Dora M. Iakova, Luis M. Cubeddu, Gustavo Adler, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:December, 2014

Over the past fifteen years countries in Latin America made tremendous progress in strengthening their economies and improving living standards. Although output fell temporarily during the global more...

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Global Financial Shocks and Foreign Asset Repatriation: Do Local Investors Play a Stabilizing Role?

Author/Editor: Gustavo Adler, Marie-Louise Djigbenou, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:April, 2014

We study the dynamic response of gross capital flows in emerging market economies to different global financial shocks, using a panel vector-autoregressive (PVAR) setting. Our focus lies primarily on more...

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Is the Growth Momentum in Latin America Sustainable?

Author/Editor: Sebastian Sosa, Evridiki Tsounta, Hye S Kim.

Release Date:May, 2013

A favorable external environment coupled with prudent policies fostered output growth inmost of Latin America during the last decade. But, what were the drivers of this strong growthperformance from more...

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External Conditions and Debt Sustainability in Latin America

Author/Editor: Gustavo Adler, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:January, 2013

Highly favorable external conditions have helped Latin America strengthen its economic fundamentals over the last decade. But, has the region built enough buffers to guard itself from a weakening of more...

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Intra-Regional Spillovers in South America: Is Brazil Systemic after All?

Author/Editor: Gustavo Adler, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:June, 2012

Shocks stemming from Brazil - the large neighbor in South America - have historically been a source of concern for policy-makers in other countries of the region. This paper studies the importance of more...

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Commodity Price Cycles : The Perils of Mismanaging the Boom

Author/Editor: Sebastian Sosa, Gustavo Adler.

Release Date:December, 2011

Commodity-exporting countries have significantly benefited from the commodity price boom of recent years. At the current juncture, however, uncertain global economic prospects have raised questions more...

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What is Driving Financial De-Dollarization in Latin America?

Author/Editor: Mercedes Garcia-Escribano, Sebastian Sosa.

Release Date:January, 2011

In the last decade, a group of Latin American countries (Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay) experienced a gradual, yet sustained decline in financial dollarization. This paper documents the more...

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