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Doing More for Less? New Evidence on Lobbying and Government Contracts

Author/Editor: Senay Agca, Deniz O Igan, Fuhong Li, Prachi Mishra.

Release Date:August, 2019

Why do firms lobby? This paper exploits the unanticipated sequestration of federal budget accounts in March 2013 that reduced the availability of government funds disbursed through procurement more...

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Populism and Civil Society

Author/Editor: Tito Boeri, Prachi Mishra, Chris Papageorgiou, Antonio Spilimbergo.

Release Date:November, 2018

Populists claim to be the only legitimate representative of the people. Does it mean that there is no space for civil society? The issue is important because since Tocqueville (1835), associations more...

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What is Responsible for India's Sharp Disinflation?

Author/Editor: Sajjid Chinoy, Pankaj Kumar, Prachi Mishra.

Release Date:August, 2016

We analyze the dramatic decline in India’s inflation over the last two years using an augmented Phillips Curve approach and quantify the role of different factors. Our results suggest that, more...

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Monetary Transmission in Developing Countries : Evidence from India

Author/Editor: Prachi Mishra, Peter J Montiel, Rajeswari Sengupta.

Release Date:August, 2016

We examine the strength of monetary transmission in India, using a conventional structural VAR methodology. We find that a tightening of monetary policy is associated with a significant increase in more...

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Impact of Fed Tapering Announcements on Emerging Markets

Author/Editor: Prachi Mishra, Kenji Moriyama, Papa M'B. P. N'Diaye, Lam Nguyen.

Release Date:June, 2014

This paper analyzes market reactions to the 2013–14 Fed announcements relating to tapering of asset purchases and their relationship to macroeconomic fundamentals and country economic and financial more...

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How Effective Is Monetary Transmission in Low-Income Countries? A Survey of the Empirical Evidence

Author/Editor: Prachi Mishra, Peter Montiel.

Release Date:June, 2012

This paper surveys the evidence on the effectiveness of monetary transmission in low-income countries. It is hard to come away from this review with much confidence in the strength of monetary more...

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Spillover Effects of Exchange Rates: A Study of the Renminbi

Author/Editor: Aaditya Mattoo, Prachi Mishra, Arvind Subramanian.

Release Date:March, 2012

This paper estimates the impact of China's exchange rate changes on exports of competitor countries in third markets, which we call the spillover effect. We use recent theory to develop an more...

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How Does Trade Evolve in the Aftermath of Financial Crises?

Author/Editor: Abdul Abiad, Petia Topalova, Prachi Mishra.

Release Date:January, 2011

We analyze trade dynamics following past episodes of financial crises. Using an augmented gravity model and 179 crisis episodes from 1970-2009, we find that there is a sharp decline in a country’s more...

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Monetary Transmission in Low Income Countries

Author/Editor: Peter Montiel, Antonio Spilimbergo, Prachi Mishra.

Release Date:October, 2010

This paper reviews monetary transmission mechanisms in low-income countries (LICs) to identify aspects of the channels that may operate differently in LICs relative to advanced and emerging more...

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Protection for Free? the Political Economy of U.S. Tariff suspensions

Author/Editor: Prachi Mishra, Rodney D Ludema, Anna Maria Mayda.

Release Date:September, 2010

This paper studies the political influence of individual firms on Congressional decisions to suspend tariffs on U.S. imports of intermediate goods. We develop a model in which firms influence the more...

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