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Is Military Spending Converging Across Countries? An Examination of Trends and Key Determinants

Author/Editor: Benedict J Clements, Sanjeev Gupta, Saida Khamidova.

Release Date:September, 2019

This paper studies the evolution of worldwide military spending during 1970-2018. It finds that military spending in relation to GDP is converging, but into three separate groups of countries. In the more...

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Expenditure Conditionality in IMF-supported Programs

Author/Editor: Sanjeev Gupta, Michela Schena, Reza Yousefi.

Release Date:December, 2018

This paper studies the impact of expenditure conditionality in IMF programs on the composition of public spending. A granular dataset on different government expenditure conditions covering 115 more...

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An Application of Distribution-Neutral Fiscal Policy

Author/Editor: Sanjeev Gupta, Sugata Marjit, Sandip Sarkar.

Release Date:January, 2018

Distribution neutral fiscal policy refers to a structure of taxes and transfers that keep the income distribution unchanged even after positive or negative shocks to an economy. This is more...

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Corruption, Taxes and Compliance

Author/Editor: Anja Baum, Sanjeev Gupta, Elijah Kimani, Sampawende J Tapsoba.

Release Date:November, 2017

This paper revisits the effects of corruption on the state’s capacity to raise revenue, building on the existing empirical literature using new and more disaggregated data. We use a comprehensive more...

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Fiscal Politics

Author/Editor: Vitor Gaspar, Sanjeev Gupta, Carlos Mulas-Granados.

Release Date:April, 2017

Two main themes of the book are that (1) politics can distort optimal fiscal policy through elections and through political fragmentation, and (2) rules and institutions can attenuate the negative more...

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Governments and Promised Fiscal Consolidations : Do They Mean What They Say?

Author/Editor: Sanjeev Gupta, João Tovar Jalles, Carlos Mulas-Granados, Michela Schena.

Release Date:February, 2017

This paper analyses the causes and consequences of fiscal consolidation promise gaps, defined as the distance between planned fiscal adjustments and actual consolidations. Using 74 consolidation more...

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Fragmented Politics and Public Debt

Author/Editor: Ernesto Crivelli, Sanjeev Gupta, Carlos Mulas-Granados, Carolina Correa-Caro.

Release Date:September, 2016

In this paper, we study the impact of fragmented politics on public debt—in particular, between two consecutive legislative elections. Using data for 92 advanced and developing more...

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Does Conditionality Mitigate the Potential Negative Effect of Aid on Revenues?

Author/Editor: Ernesto Crivelli, Sanjeev Gupta.

Release Date:July, 2016

This paper assesses whether conditionality in IMF-supported programs has helped offset the potential negative effect of foreign aid on tax revenues. The analysis—carried out on panel data covering more...

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The Fiscal Consequences of Shrinking Populations

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, Kamil Dybczak, Vitor Gaspar, Sanjeev Gupta, Mauricio Soto.

Release Date:October, 2015

This Staff Discussion Note looks at the stark fiscal challenges posed by the decline and aging of populations between now and 2100. It finds that without reforms, pensions and health spending would more...

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Inequality and Fiscal Policy

Author/Editor: Benedict J Clements, Ruud A de Mooij, Sanjeev Gupta, Michael Keen.

Release Date:September, 2015

The sizeable increase in income inequality experienced in advanced economies and many parts of the world since the 1990s and the severe consequences of the global economic and financial crisis have more...

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