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The Fiscal Consequences of Shrinking Populations

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, Kamil Dybczak, Vitor Gaspar, Sanjeev Gupta, Mauricio Soto.

Release Date:October, 2015

This Staff Discussion Note looks at the stark fiscal challenges posed by the decline and aging of populations between now and 2100. It finds that without reforms, pensions and health spending would more...

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Is the Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? : Issues in Managing Water Challenges and Policy Instruments

Author/Editor: Kalpana Kochhar, Catherine A Pattillo, Yan M Sun, Nujin Suphaphiphat, Andrew J Swiston, Robert Tchaidze, Benedict J Clements, Stefania Fabrizio, Valentina Flamini, Laure Redifer, Harald Finger.

Release Date:June, 2015

This paper examines water challenges, a growing global concern with adverse economic and social consequences, and discusses economic policy instruments. Water subsidies provided through public more...

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Equitable and Sustainable Pensions : Challenges and Experience

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, Frank Eich, Sanjeev Gupta.

Release Date:March, 2014

Pension reform is high on the agenda of many advanced and emerging market economies, for many reasons. First, public pensions often constitute a large share of government expenditure. Second, more...

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The Challenge of Public Pension Reform in Advanced and Emerging Economies

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, David Coady, Frank Eich, Sanjeev Gupta, Alvar Kangur, Baoping Shang, Mauricio Soto.

Release Date:January, 2013

Pension reform is high on the policy agenda of many advanced and emerging market economies. In advanced economies the challenge is generally to contain future increases in public pension spending as more...

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Who's Going Green and Why? Trends and Determinants of Green Investment

Author/Editor: Luc Eyraud, Changchang Zhang, Abdoul Wane, Benedict J. Clements.

Release Date:December, 2011

This paper fills a gap in the macroeconomic literature on renewable sources of energy. It offers a definition of green investment and analyzes the trends and determinants of this investment over the more...

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Monetary and Fiscal Policy Options for Dealing with External Shocks - Insights from the GIMF for Colombia

Author/Editor: Enrique Flores, Daniel Leigh, Benedict J. Clements.

Release Date:March, 2009

This paper utilizes an open-economy New Keynesian overlapping generations model, the Global Integrated Monetary and Fiscal Model (GIMF), to assess the macroeconomic effects of external shocks and the more...

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Are Capital Controls Effective in the 21st Century? the Recent Experience of Colombia

Author/Editor: Benedict J. Clements, Herman Kamil.

Release Date:February, 2009

This paper assesses the effects of capital controls imposed in Colombia in 2007 on capital flows and exchange rate dynamics. The results suggest that the controls were successful in reducing external more...

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Unproductive Public Expenditures : A Pragmatic Approach to Policy Analysis

Release Date:April, 2005

Public expenditure policy, together with efforts to raise revenue,is at the core of efficient and equitable adjustment. Public expenditureproductivity has critical implications for fiscal adjustment, more...

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