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The Future of Oil and Fiscal Sustainability in the GCC Region

Author/Editor: Tokhir N Mirzoev, Ling Zhu, Yang Yang, Tian Zhang, Erik Roos, Andrea Pescatori, Akito Matsumoto.

Release Date:February, 2020

The oil market is undergoing fundamental change. New technologies are increasing the supply of oil from old and new sources, while rising concerns over the environment are seeing the world gradually more...

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Curbing Corruption Through Better Economic Governance in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia

Author/Editor: Christopher J Jarvis, Gaelle Pierre, Benedicte Baduel, Dominique Fayad, Alexander de Keyserling, Mariusz A Sumlinski, Babacar Sarr, Arthur D P Rossi, Wouter Bossu, Jaime Cardoso, Elie Chamoun, Arkadiusz Majewski, Riaan van Greuning, Chady El Khoury, Ozlem Aydin Sakrak, Alessandro Gullo, Ioana Luca, Jonathan Pampolina, Jonathan Swanepoel.

Release Date:January, 2020

Curbing corruption can help countries achieve higher and more inclusive growth. The paper focuses on the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caucasus and Central Asia. The roots of corruption often more...

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Lifting Growth in the Western Balkans : The Role of Global Value Chains and Services Exports

Author/Editor: Nadeem Ilahi, Armine Khachatryan, William Lindquist, Nhu Nguyen, Faezeh Raei, Jesmin Rahman.

Release Date:November, 2019

In the past 25 years, exports have contributed strongly to growth and economic convergence in many small open economies. However, the Western Balkan (WB) region, consisting of small emerging market more...

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Is South Asia Ready for Take Off? : A Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Agenda

Author/Editor: Manuela Goretti, Daisaku Kihara, Ranil M Salgado, Anne Marie Gulde.

Release Date:November, 2019

Since the mid-1980s, durable reforms coupled with prudent macroeconomic management have brought steady progress to the South Asia region, making it one of the world’s fastest growing regions. Real more...

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Facing the Tides : Managing Capital Flows in Asia

Author/Editor: Harald Finger, Pablo Lopez Murphy.

Release Date:October, 2019

This paper looks empirically at some economic effects of volatile exchange rates and financial conditions and examines policy responses for managing such volatility. It also sheds light on some more...

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Cybersecurity Risk Supervision

Author/Editor: Tamas Gaidosch, Frank Adelmann, Anastasiia Morozova, Christopher Wilson.

Release Date:September, 2019

This paper highlights the emerging supervisory practices that contribute to effective cybersecurity risk supervision, with an emphasis on how these practices can be adopted by those agencies that are more...

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The Economics and Implications of Data : An Integrated Perspective

Author/Editor: Yan Carriere-Swallow, Vikram Haksar.

Release Date:September, 2019

This SPR Departmental Paper will provide policymakers with a framework for studying changes to national data policy frameworks. more...

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Strategy for Fintech Applications in the Pacific Island Countries

Author/Editor: Sonja Davidovic, Elena Loukoianova, Cormac Sullivan, Hervé Tourpe.

Release Date:August, 2019

The Bali Fintech Agenda highlights 12 principles for policymakers to consider when formulating their approaches to new financial technology (fintech). The agenda aims to harness the potential of more...

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Demographic Headwinds in Central and Eastern Europe

Author/Editor: Cristina Batog, Ernesto Crivelli, Anna Ilyina, Zoltan Jakab, Jaewoo Lee, Anvar Musayev, Iva Petrova, Alasdair Scott, Anna Shabunina, Andreas Tudyka, Xin Cindy Xu, Ruifeng Zhang.

Release Date:July, 2019

The populations of Central and Eastern European (CESEE) countries—with the exception of Turkey—are expected to decrease significantly over the next 30 years, driven by low or negative net birth more...

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Reassessing the Role of State-Owned Enterprises in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Author/Editor: Christine J Richmond, Dora Benedek, Ezequiel Cabezon, Bobana Cegar, Peter Dohlman, Michelle Hassine, Beata Jajko, Piotr Kopyrski, Maksym Markevych, Jacques A Miniane, Francisco J Parodi, Gabor Pula, James Roaf, Min Kyu Song, Mariya Sviderskaya, Rima Turk, Sebastian Weber.

Release Date:June, 2019

The Central, Eastern, and South Eastern European (CESEE) region is ripe for a reassessment of the role of the state in economic activity. The rapid income convergence with Western Europe of the early more...

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