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Spillovers from Dollar Appreciation

Author/Editor: Julian T. S. Chow, Florence Jaumotte, Seok Gil Park, Yuanyan Sophia Zhang.

Release Date:July, 2015

The recent strong, sustained appreciation of the U.S. dollar raises questions about possible financial spillover effects for emerging markets and developing countries. This report finds that, unlike more...

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Spillover Implications of Differences in Monetary Conditions in the United States and the Euro Area

Author/Editor: Carolina Osorio, Esteban Vesperoni.

Release Date:July, 2015

This report analyzes the possible spillover effects that could result if the U.S. normalizes its monetary policy while euro area countries are increasing monetary stimulus (a situation referred to as more...

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Islamic Bond Issuance : What Sovereign Debt Managers Need to Know

Author/Editor: Amadou N R Sy, Peter Kunzel, Paul S Mills, Andreas Jobst.

Release Date:July, 2008

Recent years have witnessed a surge in the issuance of Islamic capital market securities (sukuk) by corporates and public sector entities amid growing demand for alternative investments. As the sukuk more...

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Capital Inflows and Balance of Payments Pressures : Tailoring Policy Responses in Emerging Market Economies

Author/Editor: Bikas Joshi, Manuela Goretti, Uma Ramakrishnan, Alun H Thomas, Atish R Ghosh, Juan Zalduendo.

Release Date:June, 2008

Although capital inflows are generally beneficial to recipient countries, they also pose a challenge for the conduct of economic policy. This paper proposes a conceptual taxonomy to guide the design more...

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Should Italy Sell Its Nonfinancial Assets to Reduce the Debt?

Author/Editor: Stefania Fabrizio.

Release Date:May, 2008

This paper assesses the proposal, publicly debated in recent years in Italy, to reduce public debt by selling public assets, especially nonfinancial tangible assets. The main findings indicate that, more...

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Conquering Fear of Floating : Australia's Successful Adaptation to a Flexible Exchange Rate

Author/Editor: Craig Beaumont, Li Cui.

Release Date:July, 2007

Australia has enjoyed fifteen years of uninterrupted economic expansion since 1992 despite shocks such as the Asian crisis in 1997-98 and the information technology bust in 2000-01. This resilient more...

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Lessons from Successful Labor Market Reformers in Europe

Author/Editor: Anthony Annett.

Release Date:May, 2007

Welfare states can be reformed successfully, and popular support for reforms can be maintained. But this requires an internally consistent package of labor market, fiscal, and product market reforms, more...

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Trade Issues in the Doha Round : Dispelling Some Misconceptions

Author/Editor: Stephen Tokarick.

Release Date:August, 2006

The current round of multilateral trade negotiations-the Doha Round-presents an opportunity for countries to reap the benefits of trade liberalization. Unfortunately, a number of misconceptions about more...

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Strengthening Transparency in the Oil Sector in Cameroon : Why Does it Matter?

Author/Editor: Stéphane Cossé.

Release Date:March, 2006

There has been a growing recognition of the importance of transparency for economic growth and social development in oil producing countries. This paper analyzes transparency issues in Cameroon's oil more...

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Modernizing China's Growth Paradigm

Author/Editor: Eswar Prasad, Raghuram Rajan.

Release Date:March, 2006

China has achieved tremendous economic progress in the last three decades, but there is much work to be done to make the economy resilient to large shocks, ensure the sustainability of its growth, more...

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